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Snowflakes, foxes, pollywogs and more! Welcome 2020 and engage your young child with nature with Adkins Arboretum’s Acorn Academy Nature Preschool programs. The series of 10 classes for three- to five-year-olds is offered in either Wednesday or Thursday sessions beginning Feb. 26 and 27.

Programs run from 10 to 11:15 a.m. and include nature walks, stories, songs, snacks and an art project to take home. The fee for the 10-class series is $100 for members and $125 for non-members. Thanks to a generous grant from the PNC Foundation, the fee is waived for residents of Caroline County. Advance registration is required, and early registration is recommended. For more information or to register, visit or call 410-634-2847, ext. 0.

Programs include:

Journey of a Snowflake
Feb. 26 and 27
Let’s pretend we’re snowflakes journeying through the winter sky! We’ll make a glittery snowflake craft, look for Jack Frost in the forest and warm up with hot chocolate and the beloved children’s book A Snowy Day.

Mitten Mice
March 4 and 5
Do you have a mouse in your mitten? We’ll read Jan Brett’s classic children’s story The Mitten and sing a song about Mimi Mouse. In the forest, we’ll look for signs of animals and find out how they keep warm when mittens aren’t an option.

Fox Trot
March 11 and 12
Where do foxes go when the cold wind blows? In their cozy dens, of course. Follow a winding trail to an Arboretum fox den, sing and dance to the “Fox Trot” and make pop-up fox finger puppets during this fun-filled class.

Seed Starters
March 18 and 19
It’s time to start thinking about your summer garden! Learn how seeds grow, dissect seeds and plant flowers in a nifty egg carton tray. Then visit the Arboretum greenhouse and enjoy a picnic snack.

Bunny Hop
March 25 and 26
Spring is here, are so are the rabbits! Have a thumpin’ good time exploring the world of the bouncy cottontail. We’ll dance the Bunny Hop, munch on rabbit snacks and meet our friend Hoppity Rabbit.

Which Nest is Best?
April 1 and 2
The birds are busy building nests for their babies! Take a peep inside the Arboretum’s bluebird houses, hold a nest in your hands and learn about the different ways birds build their homes. We’ll sample a bird’s nest snack and try building our own nests with mud and twigs.

Pollywog Adventure
April 8 and 9

No need to feel stuck in a bog—it’s peeper time at the Arboretum! We’ll stomp our feet to the “Pollywog Wiggle,” make a frog craft and use nets to scoop up tadpoles and other critters in the wetland.

Garden of Giants
April 15 and 16

Let’s make some garden magic and grow a giant beanstalk! We’ll learn about plant parts and enjoy a healthy picnic snack at Emily’s Play Garden, with a stop at the goat enclosure to say hello to the Arboretum’s goats.

Spring Beauties
April 22 and 23

April showers bring May flowers…along the Arboretum’s woodland paths! We’ll look for Virginia bluebells, lady slippers and spring beauties in the forest, stopping to play at First Light Village. A crunchy tissue paper flower craft will be perfect for Mother’s Day.

Wiggling Worms
April 29 and 30

Welcome to the wiggly world of worms! Did you know that worms are a gardener’s best friend? Enjoy a walk to Emily’s Play Garden, where we will peek into a composting “worm hotel” and dig for worms in the soil. We’ll also sing a “Wiggle and Waggle” song and snack on garden veggies.